OPIS PointLogic Energy’s NGL Tools and Analytics

Make better calls faster with our visual interface and access to the best analysts.

OPIS PointLogic’s NGL Module is a data source as dynamic as the market. See what’s going on in real-time on interactive maps. Visualize, analyze, make predictions and decide in the blink of an eye. Access the best analysts in the business for extra insight.


Combing through static spreadsheets and integrating multiple sources to compile fundamentals data is a big waste of time. Lack of access to expert analysts can mean missed opportunities. Typical data sources are expensive and only post updates once a day, keeping you behind the curve.


Surprising but true: OPIS PointLogic Energy’s NGL Module is not only the most advanced solution, it’s the most economical. Our interactive visual interface shows you the most current data, updated multiple times a day, on clickable maps with instant drill-down.

Access daily NGL product estimates, weekly NGL production, proprietary NGL intelligence and detailed processing plant production data, including volume by refining district and purity product. Create custom watchlists.

In real-time, see daily NGL production and ethane rejection estimates across the 11 U.S. regions that comprise EIA Refining Districts. Quickly assess production numbers by specific region. View daily output volumes for more than 240 U.S. processing plants. Use interactive charting for NGL production history, frac spreads and more.

Our seasoned analysts are available to talk with you about what the data means. Get thought-leading insights into the forces driving changes and trends, both in person and in national/regional reports.