OPIS North American Propane Ticker

Stay ahead of propane spot price changes in key markets.

Predict movements. Be flexible and react faster to changes. The North American Propane Ticker shows live spot propane price indications as they happen from the start of morning trade for Mont Belvieu, Conway, Canada and more.


The volatile spot propane market follows seasonal trends and is prone to daily swings. Market fluctuations can “disconnect” values from each other at spot hubs. You need intraday discovery of where benchmark prices are heading to make informed decisions as the market moves.


Our affordable online tool lets you predict the movements of North American spot propane prices all day long with real-time market updates. Make smarter buy/sell decisions before the market moves against you.

From market open to close, our North American Propane Ticker updates spot prices and gives you up-to-the-minute price indications for Mont Belvieu TET, Non-TET, Hattiesburg In-Line, Conway In-Well, Alberta and Sarnia, Ontario and Edmonton.

See live indications of futures prices, physical prices and swaps. Detect any spike or retreat in the market at a glance from your desktop. Avoid data overload and see futures data without opening a separate screen. Understand what’s causing market volatility with news alerts.

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