OPIS NGL Forwards Report

Get one true picture of the NGL forwards market, save time and reduce risk.

The NGL forwards market is becoming more and more liquid and regularly impacts prompt market prices. This benchmarking report gives you a reliable feed of forward pricing data based on a varied pool of expert sources, delivered on a consistent schedule.


Financial hedging of future price moves is essential for decision-making, yet future NGL prices are impossible to predict. With many different sources of NGL forwards, it’s difficult and time-consuming to gather multiple ranges for reporting your daily positions.


The OPIS NGL Forwards Report gives you a single, unbiased and accurate picture of the NGL market. Improve reporting and reduce financial risk.

We aggregate the forward curves of major brokerages, to produce a daily snapshot of where NGLs may be valued up to 18 months from now, based on a study of near term fundamentals as well as past pricing trends.

This robust survey uses charts and graphs to help you make better hedging decisions for protection against spot volatility. Included are forward price assessments for Mont Belvieu TET and non-TET NGLs.

New: NGL Forwards Report now provides price transparency for olefins.  As NGLs are the chief feedstocks for ethylene and propylene, the combination of daily published ethylene cash Costs and benchmark spreads streamlines supply chain price management and provides greater efficiency for traders.

Get analysis of all influencing factors including inventory, new processing capacity and crude price moves.

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