OPIS Natural Gas Price Daily & Bidweek Report

Negotiate better spot and term fuel contracts with a natgas price index you can count on.

Natural gas producers, end users, utility companies, processors, power generators and more benefit from this daily price discovery tool. It encompasses prices in 88 markets across the United States and Canada. With the monthly Bidweek Report, you have all to index your contracts for the next month.


The established resource for natural gas price discovery is not only inflexible and expensive. Customer service is often unresponsive. The lack of a comprehensive, authoritative and customer-focused source impacts your ability to negotiate spot and term fuel contracts.


In contrast, OPIS Natural Gas Reports covering major commodity markets worldwide are comprehensive yet affordable. They are backed by the OPIS reputation for accurate, dependable pricing and personalized customer service.

We offer two different natural gas reports, daily and monthly. We’re flexible and will customize reports for your needs. Receive a full report with all markets or just the hubs of your choice. Now you can add an alternative price survey to other available sources, for increases accuracy.

Gain more confidence in your spot and fuel contracts with a natural gas price index that is reliable, affordable and supported by our legendary customer service.