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Be among the first to know about significant events impacting key LPG hubs.

From Mont Belvieu to Alberta, if a market happening is relevant to the buying and selling of NGLs and LPGs in North America, our intraday alerts will tell you. Make decisions with confidence, backed by up-to-the-minute intelligence.


If you buy and sell LPG and NGL products, you need market-focused news on supply/demand imbalances, infrastructure problems, outages and more. However, right now you can be overwhelmed by multiple sources of information that are not only irrelevant, they’re expensive.


OPIS LP Gas News Alerts is a single affordable source spotlighting the most significant market happenings that affect North America. You’ll be on top of breaking news that affects Mont Belvieu, Hattiesburg, Conway, Sarnia, Edmonton, Ontario, Alberta and other key hubs. No other resource focuses on North America, all day, every day.

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Find out how domestic and international developments affect NGLs in North America. Estimate increasing demand for LNG imports based on in-depth cargo trends.

Gain a perspective on the influence of natural gas production on NGL pricing and supply. Track unit outages altering production. See the implications of LPG movements on petrochemical markets.

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