OPIS Global LPG Ticker

See how global markets fit together with real-time LPG pricing.

In real time, track arbitrage relationships between key Asian and European spot LPG markets and the Mont Belvieu, TX, hub where OPIS holds the official industry pricing benchmark. The world looks to Mont Belvieu for LPG price direction, thanks to its massive capacity for exporting butane, propane, and ethane.


Real-time price transparency between the United States and the rest of the world has never been more important. The Panama Canal’s opening in 2016 has created faster shipping lanes, while shale has made the U.S. LPG price even cheaper, allowing more exports. Mont Belvieu’s importance has grown as the global price benchmark.


The OPIS Global LPG Ticker shows you international prices in relation to OPIS benchmark Mont Belvieu assessments in real time, all day long. We deliver the data in the way you look at the market: cents per gallon or dollars per metric ton. No more manual conversions.

As soon as they’re published, you’ll have access to industry standard OPIS benchmark spot averages for Mont Belvieu. See active trading to discern real-time value and make cost effective import-export decisions.

Expert OPIS editorial teams in the U.S., Europe and Asia distill information from an unrivaled pool of sources to shed light on the relationship between Mont Belvieu and the rest of the world, all day. Understand what’s driving spot pricing.

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Anyone working in the global gas liquids market knows the need and hassle to convert NGLs to metric tons (tonnes). Be sure to check out OPIS’s handy LPG conversion chart for easy reference.