OPIS Europe LPG & Naphtha Report

Get a broader perspective on global spot prices for naphtha, butane and propane.

Connect OPIS’s benchmark Mont Belvieu assessment with spot prices worldwide with a deeper dive into the global supply chain. Enrich your understanding of the LPG landscape.


Accurate daily prices and reliable analysis are rarities in the European LPG and naphtha markets. You need such data and commentary for a fair estimate if the links and influences between markets. Plus, the price reports available require expensive subscriptions and aren’t region-specific.


In response to the market’s desire for an unbiased methodology and accurate spot price benchmark in northwest Europe and the Mediterranean, OPIS developed the pricing in our Europe LPG & Naphtha Report.

Offered at an affordable price, this report gives you key global price benchmarks and indicators enhanced with commentary by analysts experienced in the European market.

Receive clear explanations of price movements and the context in which they occur, and get a daily PDF report plus email alerts as news breaks. Learn cargo flow trends across the globe. Know what vessels are expected. Discover arb opportunities from analysis of FOB U.S. Gulf Coast propane differentials to Mont Belvieu.

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