OPIS Asia Naphtha & LPG Report

Credible data and insight into the Asia-Pacific market for light distillates and condensate fuels.

The OPIS Asia Naphtha & LPG Report enables more strategic buy/sell decisions. It is a single resource for light distillate market conditions. See pricing assessments for naphtha, gasoline and LPG at the major Asia-Pacific hubs. It also includes critical news for relevant context.


It’s not easy to gather credible and useful information on light distillate and condensate fuels in the Asia Pacific region. Formats are not designed to help buyers and sellers make decisions. Spot pricing assessments are scattered among separate reports, are costly and don’t provide context.


The OPIS Asia Naphtha & LPG Report gives you spot pricing, with regional news analysis, for the connected markets of naphtha, LPG, condensate and gasoline in a single daily report. You get a clear explanation of benchmark price assessments.

This intelligence is not only more affordable than other resources. It’s much easier to access. Integrate it into your preferred trading platforms as a benchmark reference.

It includes pricing assessments at major APAC hubs, as well as industry news to provide meaningful context, from refinery disturbances to tender and shipping. Make strategic buying and selling decisions faster on refinery feedstocks, LPG and gasoline.