OPIS North America LPG Report

The essential pricing benchmark for buying and selling LPGs.

Gain access to comprehensive spot pricing, analysis and news for NGL markets across North America, from the vital Mont Belvieu, Texas cargo hub to Conway, Kansas to Bakersfield to San Francisco to Edmonton and points beyond.


North American LPG markets move fast, all day, every day. But typical price reporting only covers a small portion of the trading day and doesn’t represent the full spectrum of activity. It’s hard to make sense of massive amounts of trading data without seeing the full picture.


OPIS provides all-day coverage of U.S. natural gas liquids spot markets.
We canvass an unparalleled source pool to deliver pricing you can trust.

Our North America LPG Report gives you the full-day picture. Plus, it surveys a variety of sources for transparency into every corner of NGL trading, including trades that take place off the public exchanges.

Every day, all day, OPIS collects and confirms both near- and mid-term data for almost 60 price points throughout North America.

Because we’re the official price benchmark, every gallon of ethane, butane, propane and natural gas in the U.S. market is tied to OPIS pricing. We are the definitive source for the information you need to make better decisions, improve margins and reduce transaction risk.

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