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Free Report: Impact of Global Upheaval on NGL Sector Expected to BE Prolonged, Piecemeal
Get a better understanding of how the different elements of the NGL markets in the U.S. are expected to fare as a result of the crude crash and COVID-19 pandemic from OPIS experts.

Europe LPG & Naptha 2020 Price Outlook Report
Download this free report with comprehensive analysis of forecasted trends that will impact propane, butane and naphtha prices in Europe in 2020. Read expert commentary, with added context provided by clear charts and graphs, for a complete picture of LPG and naphtha price influences predicted for the year ahead.

2020 Asia Oil Market Outlook
Download this free outlook report from OPIS editors in Asia covering key commodities including LPG and naphtha, oil and jet fuel.

2019 Asia Naphtha, LPG, Condensate
& Gasoline H2 Update

In this free outlook, OPIS examines the macro factors that affect all oil products as well as the market-specific factors that affect Asia gasoline, naphtha and propane prices individually.

3 Insights Natural Gas Storage Contract Commitments Give Us About Current Low Inventories
OPIS PointLogic notes that firm contract commitments for natural gas storage are exhibiting patterns that were not expected in previous years.

A Review of 2017 LPG Prices Through OPIS’ Real-Time Lens
Those who didn’t notice the swift shifts in the Q1 2017 LPG market left money on the table. See how we captured the story as it unfolded.

NGLs, LPGs and LNG – See The Difference
Abbreviations for gases can trip up even a seasoned energy market veteran, so we’ve created a quick-reference infographic that clears them up.

Where To Now For U.S. Propane Exports?
Propane prices in 2017 entered a phase that made many wonder if the era of cheap LPG was over. See the trends that stand to shape the future.


OPIS Asia Naphtha & LPG Report
Get greater transparency into the Asia-Pacific market for light
distillates and condensate fuels

OPIS Europe LPG & Naphtha Report
Deepen your understanding of the European LPG market by connecting
spot prices for naphtha, propane and butane around the globe

OPIS Global LPG Ticker
Get real-time pricing for the global LPG market

OPIS Natural Gas Reports: Daily + Bidweek
Gain greater confidence in your spot and term fuel contracts
with a reliable and affordable natural gas price index

OPIS NGL Forwards Report
Get a single daily source of reliable NGL forward curves

OPIS North America LPG Report
Make sure your fuel deals are based on the official LPG spot price benchmark

OPIS North American Propane Ticker
React faster to propane spot price changes in key markets


OPIS Global LPG Ticker Use Case Sheet
OPIS Asia Naphtha & LPG Report Use Case Sheet


How Will NGL Markets Adapt to the Oil Price War & COVID-19?
An analysis of how CVOID-19 and the oil price war are impacting NGL prices and market dynamics.

U.S. NGL Prices Forecast to Remain Weak in 2020
An analysis of the major trends impacting NGL prices in 2020, as they continue to experience downward pricing pressure.

Natural Gas Markets 101: How History Shaped Today’s Infrastructure
Did you know that at one time, the natural gas industry was under monopolistic control? Let’s take a look back at how it evolved toward “common carrier status”

2019 LPG Price Preview for U.S., Europe and Asia
OPIS experts reveal global LPG pricing and economic trends that will impact the market in 2019.

Natural Gas Prices in 2019: A Regional Outlook
Take a look at important factors affecting natural gas prices in 2019, including price volatility, inventory level and nat gas demand, all broken down by region.

The US Shale Revolution: A Look Back at a Decade
The U.S. first became a key exporter of natural gas a decade ago. This “Shale Gale” has dramatically transformed global energy markets and continues to impact company strategies. Find out what caused the change and what the future portends.

NGL or LPG or LNG – Definitions and Common Uses
Is it NGL or LPG or LNG? These abbreviations for key gas terms can trip up even a seasoned energy market veteran. This post clarifies the definitions for NGL, LPG and LNG and includes a helpful infographic for downloading.

The Only Chart You Will Ever Need to Convert Global NGLs
This is the only chart you will ever need to convert global NGL values so you can easily translate gallons into metric tons in this active worldwide market.

Inside the 2017 Rally: Mont Belvieu Propane & Its Global LPG Reach
Because of its key position as an exporter, what happens in the Mont Belvieu propane market influences global LPG, exemplified in a recent market rally. What are some takeaways that will shape the market going forward?


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OPIS provides a comprehensive, accurate and cost-efficient view of fuel buying and selling.

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